What is Fortelling?

Once upon a time there was…

…a frightened child who felt tremendously alone and misunderstood.

…a mischievous child who wandered too far from home.

…a carefree child who found magic in the mundane.

…a beautiful girl who met a cunning stranger.

…a proud youth who almost lost it all.

…a soul who had an experience that caused them to see something with fresh eyes and changed them forever.

If we have even half lived our lives, we have stories to tell: stories about courage, fear, love, loss, happiness and horror, freedom and shame. Stories shape our lives. And for as long as we have been telling stories, we have also seen they have the power to both help and hurt us.

Anchored in the Danish word for storytelling, fortælling, the Fortelling podcast explores storytelling in the context of our relationship to our Selves and to the world.

With its English translation we impart some new meanings to each syllable:

FOR [fawr; unstressed fer] 


Definition: with the object or purpose of; intended to belong to, or be used in connection with; suiting the purposes or needs of; in order to obtain, gain, or acquire.